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Quantasaurus Rex // V-Rex

Time Force's most powerful Zord, it was used to test the time travel portal and accidentally became separated from the controller box, and became lost in time. It found its "home" in Prehistoric Times, living in a cave at the base of giant volcano. Paintings were made by some unknown tribe showing the mechanical dinosaur and where it could be found. With the Morpher in his posession, Eric followed Commandacon back in time to gain control of the Q-Rex before the mutant could for Ransik. Avoiding becoming a real T-Rex's snack, Eric discovers the paintings on the wall, but by the time he arrives at the volcano, the mutant has already put a device on the Q-Rex's head to control it. Returning through the Time Hole (with Wes who had tagged alone) Eric makes several attempts to regain control of the Q-Rex, even though Commandacon's device prevents the Zord from registering the Quantum Ranger's voice. In a last-ditch effort, he drew the Q-Rex's attention away from fighting the Time Force Megazord and to him. Scanning using the visor in his helmet, he located the device and destroyed it. Calling the Q-Rex through the Morpher, he gains control of it just before he becomes its lunch.

The Q-Rex has it's "Dinosaur" Mode and it's more humanoid Megazord Mode. Eric uses the Q-Rex when needed to fight the super-grown mutants, usually timing it just as the Rangers need help. Because the Q-Rex is powered by a Trixyrium Crystal, large vortexes, big enough to swallow the city, appear in the sky as it battles Frax's giant robot, powered by the exact same crystal. The Quantum Defender can change the Q-Rex's power state, but before he can use it, Eric is badly injured while protecting Wes and Mr. Collins. He passes the Defender onto Wes, who uses it against the Q-Rex, changing it's power state so it can fight without producing the vortexes.

As the Quantum Ranger, Eric continues to command the Q-Rex, even after the other Rangers return to the future.

Quantasaurus Rex (Dino-Mode) // V-Rex

In "Dino-Mode" it attacks using it's large teeth or with the lasers mounted on its back.

Quantasaurus Rex (Megazord Mode) // V-Rex

It's much more powerful form, it has three attacks.

It fires missles from its right hand, which is a missle launcher, usually holding six red missles waiting for use.

It's Flying Fist attack sends its left fist out, delivering an explosive attack, before returning immediately to the wrist.

And Max Blizzard, which not only releases an attack from the green shoulder blasters on it's shoulders, but the attack also cryogenically freezes the mutant.

TF Eagle

A non-Sentai vehicle, it is never explained how Eric got hold of it; if it was from the Morpher or it just suddenly appeared. Eric uses it to follow Commandacon through the Time Hole to the Prehistoric Era to find the Q-Rex, and rides it again to return to the present. (Along with its "stowaway" Wes). It makes one more appearance in the second-to-last episode when Eric calls upon it as he is jumping from the exploding Clock Tower.

Vector Cycle & Strata Cycle

While the Quantum Ranger does not have either in the series, a version of each was created in toy form, to go along with the other Rangers. See Toy Section

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